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Michal Kapic,  Rolfer and Manual Osteopath
“Even before moving forward with the treatment series, he went the extra mile to answer question in great depth, and offer recommendations. I had researched a few osteopaths and rolfers, when the time came to commit to one practitioner it was one of the easiest decisions made. Michal is professional in his attitude and knowledgeable in what he does, always checking in with your body on a given day while keeping the long term goal in sight. I cannot recommend Michal enough.”


Dr. Khoshroo, Chiropractor
“Before my friend referred me to Dr. Khoshroo, I have been suffering TMD for 3 months and had to take Advil every day. The pain was all over the left side of my face, toothache, migraine, sinus sore and fullness and swelling… I have seen the nose-ear-throat doctor and inner medical specialist, also tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic, but no much progress. Luckily I got to see Dr. Khoshroo, I was very impressed by the way he pointed at the skeleton model and explained extreme clearly how the bone and muscle works. He is very kind and always pays attention to every detail. Talking to him is like talking to an old friend. Amazingly, right after the first session, I did not need any pain killer anymore. After 3 sessions, I felt almost 95% pain free! Dr. Khoshroo is so good that I am literally referring him to almost everybody.”


Jackie Noel, RMT
“It was such a pleasure & very healing to have Jackie work on me today. At first I was disappointed  that Caradean wasn’t available but super glad to have Jackie’s healing touch. I also felt very welcome, so thank you all around.”


Michal Kapic, Rolfer and Manual Osteopath
“When I began seeing Michael, I had chronic neck and lower back problem exacerbated by my scoliosis. In the months prior to seeing Michael I also began having nerve pain in my neck and jaw. Through the series of treatments with Michael I began having much better movement in my joints and my back pain was significantly reduced. My posture and flexibility also improved greatly and I have not had a relapse of any nerve pain since seeing Michael!”


Yasmin Devji, Acupuncturist and Doctor TCM
“When I first came to see Yasmin, I was hesistant as I had just had a miscarriage a couple weeks prior and wasn’t quite sure how to proceed to get my body back into working order to conceive naturally again. She came recommended by a friend, so I decided to take a chance. I was pleasantly surprised to meet such a funny, yet charismatic lady. She instantly made me feel comfortable and gave me hope. Her knowledge and belief in the field of TCM (traditional chinese medicine) was apparent. This also made me feel very comfortable with each visit. I went to see Yasmin once a week for about 3.5 months. It took some time for my body to reajust, but I knew what Yasmin was doing for me would only help and would speed up the process. After about 4.5 months, I am now about 5 weeks pregnant!! Thank you Yasmin, you are awesome!!”


Brenda Pulvermacher, Cranisacral Therapist
“I find Brenda’s gentle and deeply empathetic presence to be healing in itself. I also benefit from her understanding , knowledge and experience gained from her broad studies and research. I gratefully recommend her.”


Yasmin Devji, Acupuncturist and Doctor TCM
“It has been a pleasure meeting and having Yasmin work on me. Words could not describe the magic she has worked through our my whole being. After the first session I received from her I felt immensely weightless. She does an amazing job and I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from any type of mental, physical, emotional or spiritual pain. I look forward to seeing Yasmin each week. She is extremely humble, very knowledgeable, has a huge heart, and has healing capabilities one could only imagine. Since seeing her, I feel like a different person. Thank you Yasmin from my heart to yours, you’re an angel!”


Brenda Pulvermacher, Craniosacral Therapist
“I have been grateful to receive numerous treatments from Brenda for the better part of a decade, for healing trauma and head injury, as well as for ‘tune-ups’ and health enhancement;. I have also sent my children and referred students in my class at the Waldorf School. Having experienced a wide variety of modalities – physio, chiro, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, energy healing, and so on – I can say with confidence that CST is the most effective and deeply balancing hands-on experience I have had.”


Michal Kapic, Rolfer and Manual Osteopath
“Rolfing/Osteopathy with Michal has been a fantastic experience. I play tennis, run and bike most days so I am constantly trying to stay healthy and pain free. I have tried many different physio options for tennis elbow, neck and hamstring injuries but have found Rolfing to be the most effective. I committed to doing 10 sessions and have not been disappointed! I will do my last session this week but will continue to go once a month to prevent further injury. I would definitely recommend it, to anyone suffering from muscle pain, stiffness or bad posture.”