Sheryl Baniulis, RMT, RHN

Sheryl Baniulis, RMT, RHN2022-11-11T13:25:20-08:00

Sheryl has been an RMT since 2005, after graduating from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver. She worked at a high-end spa in downtown Vancouver for six and a half years, during which time she gained many valuable skills and knowledge. In 2011 she moved to Saskatoon for 4 years where she practiced at a massage therapy clinic, and has been back in Vancouver since the fall of 2015, when she started at Canopy.

Her true passion involves work with women’s health, including painful periods, endometriosis, preconception/fertility, prenatal, and postnatal periods. She utilizes a number of different modalities in her treatments including swedish and petrissage techniques, myofascial release, trigger point release, visceral manipulation, and many others. She understands the need and benefit of relaxation (the majority of all chronic illnesses are triggered by stress in some form), and incorporates elements of this into every treatment she does. Her main goal is always to encourage the body to correct imbalances itself rather than forcing changes.

She has done further training in visceral manipulation – specifically for the female pelvis and the digestive system. She also recently completed training in TMJ treatment and assessment. 

She completed training with the International Association of Infant Massage to teach new parents how to massage their babies to enhance bonding and attachment, improve baby’s digestion, improve sleep, and encourage relaxation (both for the baby and the parents!).

For more information, visit Sheryl’s website:

Please be aware that Sheryl is only taking new patients for prenatal work at the moment.

Sheryl’s Appointment Pricing:

45 minute Subsequent Appointment  – $110
45 minute Subsequent Prenatal. – $110
45 minute Initial Prenatal  – $110
60 minute Subsequent  – $130
60 minute Subsequent Prenatal  – $130
60 minute Initial Prenatal  – $130
Infant Massage Lesson (1 hour)  – $120