Angele Pinette, RMT

Angele Pinette, RMT2017-02-14T13:47:10-08:00

Angèle graduated from the extensive 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2003. She worked for three years in a multi-disciplinary clinic in Victoria following her graduation. She then moved to North Vancouver and started working at Ocean Wellness. After a break to start her family Angèle has returned to Ocean Wellness to pick up where she left off.

Angèle has always had an interest in the therapeutic benefits of manual therapy. Her treatment style involves a firm touch and incorporates deep tissue massage, joint manipulation and Swedish massage among many other modalities. She believes in being flexible in her treatment approach yet deliberate with her techniques as injuries present differently to every individual.

Angèle has always been active and she maintains her fitness through soccer and running the trails of the beautiful North Shore. Along with most activities comes injuries and Angèle is familiar with most and has successfully recovered from many herself. She understands the road to recovery can be frustrating and she aims to support and encourage her patients through their individual journeys.

Having had two children, Angèle can relate to the aches and pains that pregnancy and the first years of motherhood can present. She believes the therapeutic benefits of pregnancy massage can help a mother to cope with the various stresses that may accompany each trimester. Her developing interest has propelled Angèle to take additional courses in perinatal massage.