Melanie Duncan

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Melanie Duncan
Melanie Duncan

***Please note when booking with Sarah that you can not claim this massage toward your extended health benefits or health insurance. Also, do not book if you have a current ICBC or Workers Compensation Board (WCB) claim. ***

Hello, My name is Melanie Duncan. I have recently graduated from Vancouver Career College in August 2022 and will be writing my boards in March. I am an empathetic person with a cheery personality and I love to help people work past their pain and get back to their normal or better
lives. I believe that massage therapy is just one step of many on the road to a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.
I have experience treating office workers, weekend warriors and the occasional gym rat, but no matter your job or what you do on the weekends, pain is my passion and I want to help you get rid of yours. While in the clinic we work as a team to find the places where your body isn’t happy
and we use communication and activity to work with and through your pain to get to the place where your body wants to be to get you to optimal health.
I am still new to massage therapy, but I am not new to relieving pain. Even before I knew what massage therapy was, I was giving my family and friends basic massages that would help them get through the day. Whether it was the beginnings of plantar fasciitis, from wearing cheap sandals, or helping a friend get more mobility in their neck, I have been using massage to help the people around me for years.
I have been active all my life. I’ve been on a soccer team since I was seven, and I’ve played softball, volleyball and basketball. Although I’m not as active now I still try to maintain a good level of health and fitness. When I’m not at work or on the field, you’ll find me reveling in my creative side with crafting and exploring thrift stores and antique shops.
It doesn’t matter how little you think you’re hurting, any pain is worthy of attention. My door is always open and new clients are welcome.