Caradean Shariff, RMT

Caradean Shariff, RMT2018-02-21T14:38:25-08:00

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Caradean Shariff is a graduate of the 3000 hour program from WCCMT. He has a broad range of treatment styles to treat any condition that involves the musculoskeletal system of the body. His treatments are focused and with purpose to relieve the pain that you experiencing.

Using a combination of soft tissue release and skeletal structural realignment, Caradean has a reputation as the “shoulder and hip guy” on the north shore. If you have shoulder pain from any muscular injury, a fall, sports injuries recent or old, overuse due to work or posture. Caradean has a very high success rate of relief from pain from injury.

If you have hip and lowback pain Caradean will assess the musculoskeletal alignment of the pelvis and spine and give the proper specific treatment to relieve the issue and get you back to what you love to do.

As a true north shore resident Caradean is an avid snowboarder, kayaker, cyclist, trail explorer, golfer and motorcyclist and is familiar with all the aches and pains that come with those activities.