Jon Behnke, RMT

Jon Behnke, RMT2018-11-02T12:14:11-07:00

Jon graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) in 2014, and received his Registered Massage Therapy designation in early 2015.  Jon’s treatment style focuses on restoring proper hip and pelvic alignment through active release therapy while making adjustments to the kinetic chains that run throughout the body, ensuring proper balance and alignment from head to toe. He is also very skilled at administering sports/athletics therapy techniques with both pre-and post-event patients (e.g., marathon/trail runners, skiers/snowboarder). In addition, Jon has successfully treated a wide variety of neurological disorders, muscular impairments, and chronic pain sufferers and has successfully restored mobility and muscle function in patients who have been victims of traumatic accidents or other injuries (ICBC cases).

Despite his busy clinic schedule, Jon continues to actively pursue advanced massage therapy techniques such as instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization and lymph drainage. Jon is also well-trained in providing classic relaxation massage as well as trigger-point release and joint mobilizations. These techniques help clients eliminate their general aches and pains as well as the stresses of daily life.

Jon has lived on the north shore his entire life and is a proud member of the community. When he is not working, Jon enjoys camping and other outdoor activities, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Jon is available for treatments from Monday to Friday each week. Contact 604-986-9355 today to book an appointment with Jon.