Tom Merrett, BSc (ClinSc), M.Osteo

Tom Merrett, BSc (ClinSc), M.Osteo2019-11-02T11:23:00-07:00

Tom enjoys treating a wide variety of problems. He is amazed by the results that gentle Osteopathic techniques can attain. With a strong sporting background behind him, he has now been able to treat an array of injuries that he is all too familiar with.
From back, neck and shoulder pain to headaches and migraines.
After 5 years of studying Osteopathy in Australia, Tom has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in his 2.5 years working in Melbourne.
He comes from a diverse clinical background where mothers, children, office workers, professional athletes and weekend warriors experienced fantastic results.
Tom is always looking to advance his understanding of the human body through professional development as he seeks to provide the absolute best care to each individual.